Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

I just dress up according to my mood

 Sorry for the bad background of this photo :(
 actually I want to take a picture better than this, but i don't have enough time -______________-
I took this picture before go to college and just using the mobile phone.
hope you enjoy it! :")

I love my new jacket so much!!
because this jacket suitable for fashionable :3

Kamis, 23 Mei 2013


 As you know, stripes, diamond pants, houndstooth pants is very popular now,because that  I think that using this type of photoshoot.
Hhmm owh yes i thought to take pictures again by using one type earlier,don't forget check my blog keep well.. okay ? :D
why I'm giving this post with the title ' GEEK BOY/GIRL ' because I'm planning to make my online shop with my boyfie by the name of online shop ' GEEK BOY/GIRL '. but that's still our plan hehe

 owh ya,I will held giveaway about stripes skirt or pants,diamond pants or dress,houndstooth pants. but,actually I'm still confused as to which one will I make giveaway,so don't forget to always check my blog :) oke :p


Kamis, 16 Mei 2013

The Sad Month

 today,I'll posting about the exhausting month. yah this month is very very bad! because I've been spending money just to the shopping and I don't know why I can't handle it

I don't know why I couldn't cope my expenses for this month
I feel bad because the people around me very angry with my habits.. my besties so angry with me you know they are like my mom..
not only my besties but my boyfie,my brothers,my lil sista are like devil when they are angry with me..

The advice of my friend is "starting today you can't online instagram or online one of store website! and You have to manage the expenditure of money for this month "
what?? I think I can't do that! I want to scream!

the advice of my boyfie like that "you can't shopping again for this month! you must saving your money for your priority,If I know you shopping again really I'll angry with you,come on baby,don't wasting your money just for some clothes or shoes"

and I was lucky my mom don't know about this problem
because my lil sista and I agreed to hide this problem from my mom,of course my 2 brother agree too

just my father like my hero,he is the best! (because just him who most understand me) *muachmuach*

okay.forget it with my problem..
let's see my outfit in here

I've found this denim in brothers closet! and really love this denim SO MUCH!! If you hold this denim, you'll feeling this denim is very heavy. seriously
and now I want to tell you about my shoes :3 my shoes from June and Julia x Sonia Eryka
Before i knew everything about shoes, i ' ve been found these shoes at google when i was looking for some picture.. really I adores this shoes,and at the same time I was told with my boyfie about this shoes, I want to buy the shoes but I don't know where the shoes were on sale.. :( about last December i just know if the shoes were on sale at one of the online shop Indonesia
and you know
I got this shoes as my anniv's gift from my boyfie! so damn love him..


hhmmm actually I'm confused what to say here.. --" 
Hopefully you glad to see some photos about promnight'13 in this post yah

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