Theresia Mannuela 18 y.o

I just ordinary girl who has an extraordinary mind about my own style. I don't have a definite fashion style,because I just dress up according to my mood. 
Fashion isn't about to please someone but you have to know How to wear something at the right place. 
For me,shoes are the most important things for my fashion of course to make me feel more confident. My favorite types of shoes is boots and wedges!

My Picture Tell Stories 

This blog was born accidentally, because I then want to follow one of the fashion competition,is one of the requirements it should use blogspot,
 started around March2013.
If you look at my blog, you'll find a lot of my fashion style is COLORFUL .. because I want to show different from other bloggers style.
I tried to combine the colors of a bright colors.
 and about the name of my blog, why I named it with "My Picture Tell Stories (Fotoku Bercerita)" because I want to express my stories through my pictures.
"There's no better place for me to be than be inside a camera as a model" -theereemo-


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