Selasa, 17 Desember 2013


 HALO HELOHA? wkwk how are youuuu? long time no see,right? :p
yes,because lately I'm so busy. about 3 months I didn't have time to take a picture, online till drop,shopping,playing with my camera,editing my photos,even time for a break. -- 
everyday I have to go to college at 7 am and return at 8 pm. you know? it's very tiring! 
I have lectures, meetings, tests, assignments ect
sometimes I want to cry,because  I missed my free day. especially  when I'm in front of my computer all day to editing my photos and of course I missed my parents too :"(
but I dunno,I really liked all of my activities! haha
 and now all my activities have been completed.
assignment, test all finished for this semester
and now,I just waiting for the result. wish me super luck for my score! O:)
 hmm btw,actually holidays have arrived, but I still have to work. I had to look for an idea for my concept of a faculty event, I have to set the time of the event, I had to find sponsors, --" oh my God!

 ENOUGH! Let's move on!
I want to tell you a little about my favorite artist is Park Shin Hye. She was pretty, her acting is very cool, especially when she's crying scene. I love her!! I really love her! :*
hmm you know about Korean drama lately much discussed? "THE Heirs"
The coolest drama! Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan compete acting with Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang at The Heirs.

ohh my gosh I dreamed if I could get Kim Tan!! he very romantic.
for you who don't watch, I suggest let's watch! I guarantee you will not regret it! haha

(This photo doesn't exist in scene! wohhooo~)
and of course I hope they have a special relationship in real life. indeed. because they are both my favorite artists ever!! 

okai. please stop here, I will not be able to stop if still discussing about shin hye or min ho. hahaha :p

THANKYOU. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas to those of you who celebrate! :D

Minggu, 14 Juli 2013


 this photoshoot has been planned for a long time and our today's outfit is simple,but accidentaly we wore same outfit haha

Shoes : Decimal Shoes
 so in love with this glasses,finallyyyyyy!! *yiha
glasses by Adam & Eve
 TOD'S STUDDED : Adam & Eve (sister's)
 DIY Short Pants
 finally, I get this bag!!

Favorite Pic ever

 selfies camera
 Envelope Bag : ZARA
 actually,she is a professional model in Salatiga.
her name Maya Tunggadewi,if you want check about her you can visit her facebook (seacrh by her name) :D
look this pic! fall in love with our photoshoot <3<3 *dancing*


Senin, 08 Juli 2013


"Even if you were a million miles away 
I could still feel you in my bed 
Need me, touch me, feel me 
And even at the bottom of the sea 
I could still hear inside my head 
Tellin' me, touch me, feel me

And all the time you were tellin' me lies

So tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you 
Tonight I'm gonna find a way to make it without you 
I'm gonna hold on to the times that we had tonight 
I'm gonna find a way to make it without you"

HELLO! how are yaahh? haha
I think I haven't been post my blog yah? haha yah because sometimes I 'm lazy to take some picture for my outfit. 
and yesterday I returned to my hometown because i think I was homesick haha
I came home not bring a lot of clothes but lots of shoes
that's why I got confused what to wear for the photoshoot. but
I try to mix and match clothes that I brought
and this is the result,
cool but still feminine.. LOL
and this post I'll show you some pictures of me and of course with my friend too.
  I have a plan to renovate my room, I want to change the color of the walls and of course I want to give something that smells of fashion.
but I'm still confused to choose the color of its paint :s
any suggestions? or anyone kindly help me to paint the room? haha 

  the first shoes : June and Julia x Sonia Eryka

 Checkered Skirt : Local Store
Bag  Local Store
Denim Studded : sister's
 the second shoe : dthashuz
 This style was inspired by Agnezmo

If you want to see more photos you can visit my facebook :p


Kamis, 20 Juni 2013


"I wanna be blown away 
I wanna be swept off my feet 
I wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe 
I wanna be lost in love 
I wanna be your dream come true 
I wanna be scared of how strong I feel for you 
Just call me beautiful, 
Call me beautiful 
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful"

 Yesterday i've been photoshoot with my friend
these outfit try to combine houndstooth and diamond. 
I decided to seek a kind of outfit that filled with shade.

 Houndstooth Top by Local Store ; Diamond's Pants by Local Store ; Bag by Local Store

Pinky Shoe by Dthashuz (Collection Handmade Shoes)

I like about nerdiness,geekiness


Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

Still Into You

"I should be over all the butterflies
But I’m into you (I’m in to you)
And baby even on our worst nights
I’m into you (I’m into you)
Let em wonder how we got this far
Cause I don’t really need to wonder at all
Yeah after all this time
I’m still into you"

 why in this post I'm write the lyrics of Paramore? yeah! I became mad because their song! I want to cover that song! hahaha but just my planning *sigh
have you watched the video? If you have been watching, how do you think Hayley's Style in that video? so cute right? :D I think wkkwk
But if you haven't watched the video hhmm I think you should watch soon..

 you know,I was very lucky to find these sweaters. because the price of these sweaters are just 20K! yeah I found this sweater in the Bazaar Hello Market Solo..

 Sweater Hello Market Solo , Shoes NIKE , Transparent Bag sister's , Glasses Naugthy

taken by boyfie

 My fashion tag got featured on GoGirl Magazine's Website Homepage for the first time LOL

"hargai hal-hal kecil prestasi yang telah di capai sama dengan membuka peluang untuk prestasi besar datang" there